Important Studies:


۴. Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological Study ‪(PURE Study)‬
۷. Validity and Reproducibility of Food Frequency Questionnaire for Assessment of Sodium/Salt Intake, Food Group Contribution in Sodium/Salt Intake, (Isfahan Salt Study) ‪(ISS)‬
۸. The Impact of Educational and Encouragement Interventions of Weight Reduction on Anthropometric and Biomarker Indicators in Overweight and Obese Population ‪(TABASSOM Study)‬
۱۰. Determining the prevalence of premature coronary heart disease and it’s risk factors according to different ethnicities and religions in Iran and developing a biobank for epigenetic studies
۱۱. Importance of Conventional and Emerging Risk Factors for Stroke in Different Regions of the World and in Different Ethnic Groups:A Case-control Study ‪(Interstroke)‬
۱۲. Stop hypertension in Mobarakeh Steel Company ‪(SHIMSCO)‬
۱۳. Iranian project for assessment of coronary events 2 ‪(IPACE2)‬
۱۴. Acute Coronary Events -A multinational Survey of current managements Strategies ‪(Access)‬
۱۵. Standardization of the Mac New quality of life questionnaire in patients with heart disease in Isfahan (2004)‎ ‪(MacNew)‬
۱۶. Heart Health Promotion childhood project ‪(Sustainability)‬
۱۷. Framework Convention on the Tobacco Control ‪(FCTC)‬ 
۱۸. The effect of pioglitazone on left ventricular mass & function, plasma levels of inflammatory, endothelial & thrombotic biomarkers & psychiatric indicators in patients with metabolic syndrome ‪(EPICAMP)‬
۱۹. Evaluation the relation between number and size of fat cell in patient with ischemic heart disease in comparison with control group ‪(JAMI)‬
۲۰. Osvix versus Plavix in Cardiovascular event after coronary stenting ‪(OPCESS)‬
۲۱. Zyban as an effective smoking cessation aid for patients following an acute coronary syndrome: The ZESCA Trial ‪(ZESCA)‬
۲۲. Study of relationship between Acute Life Events and Acute Coronary Events adjusted for psychosocial factors and major risk factors in Isfahan city medical university CCUs ‪(ALEACE)‬
۲۳. Quit and Win 2004
۲۴. Comprehensive intervention strategies to improve the public and health care providersَ knowledge and practice of dyslipidemia management, prevention and control ‪(LIPOKAP)‬
۲۵. Monitoring of polypill study on primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular-disease in Iranian elderly in 2011-2012 ‪(Polypill)‬
۲۶. A study on the effectiveness of a comprehensive home based cardiac rehabilitation intervention on the health promotion of patient with coronary artery disease ‪(Home Rehab)‬
۲۷. Developing suitable model for self-care of cardiac patients
۲۸. Cardiovascular risk assessment of the population and comparison of WHO/ISH risk assessment scores with Framingham risk assessment function and its clinical and public health implications.‎ ‪(CAP Study)‬
۲۹. Designing a suitable model and advocacy package for salt consumption reduction at the population level and high risk groups
۳۰. Development of Five Years Multi-sectorial National Action Plan for Salt Intake Reduction