World Heart Day Celebration in 2017

  • س, ۱۳۹۶/۰۷/۰۴ - ۱۴:۴۳
World Heart Day Celebration In 2017
Simultaneously with World Heart Day 2017, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute in collaboration with different national & international organization & NGOs including: Iranian Heart Association(IHA),World Heart Federation(WHF), Heart Friends Association(HFA), Isfahan Municipality, Hospitals of the city, Health Centers, Food Industrials,… held this ceremony in Isfahan.‎

In this ceremony various activities including exhibitions  around the city, walking and  Physical exercise, making the training sites in  hospitals, control of weight, height and blood pressure of people , hanging up banners and educational posters in the city, distribution of  educational pamphlets in community for attracting  popular cooperation in heart health activities  was done.‎