Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Center

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Pediatric heart disease represents an important cause of morbidity and mortality in childhood. Congenital heart disease is one of the most common pediatric heart disease and congenital anomalies in the world and is one of the most common causes of death in neonatal and children under the age of one year. Approximately 8 to 10 in every 1,000 babies are born with some kind of congenital heart disease or defect.
Unfortunately, in Iran, there are no accurate data on the prevalence, causes, severity, and dispersion of these diseases. Therefore, the pediatric cardiovascular research center, with the goal of collecting accurate statistics and information in this field and conducting research activities in the field of prevention, control, and treatment of heart disease in children, was established in Isfahan Cardiovascular Institute in 2017.

• Developing of methodologies and preventive protocols to decrease the adverse effect of acquired and congenital heart diseases and their mortality and morbidity in neonates, infants and children.


• Research is conducted using a multidisciplinary approach to study the etiological and risk factors and treatment of cardiovascular disease in the children.


Development and application of existing knowledge on heart disease in children, especially congenital heart disease
Conducting basic, epidemiological and clinical research with the goal of identifying pathogens, diagnosing and treating the disease, and developing research in the prevention of congenital heart disease
Training and encouraging researchers and specialists in the field heart disease in children
Collaborating with other research and education Centers at both national and international level 
Promotion of knowledge, attitude, and practice of patients and  physicians about risk factors for heart disease in children
Increasing the awareness of stakeholders and policymakers of the health system about heart disease in children
Establishing a congenital heart disease registration system in Isfahan 

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Clinic for the prevention of heart disease in children
Clinic for the prevention of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents
Clinic of behavioral disorders in children with syncope
Congenital heart disease registration
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