Important Studies:


1- Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP)

2- Isfahan Cohort Study (ICS)

3- Design & Implementation of National Registry of Cardiovascular Disease & Coronary Interventions (PROVE Study)


4- Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological Study (PURE Study)


5- The Impact of Self-care Management and Adopted Iranian Guidelines for Hypertension Treatment on Improving the Control rate of Hypertension (IMPROVE CARE Study)


6- The Correlation of Air pollution with Hospitalization and mortality of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases in Isfahan in 2010, 2011 (CAPACITY Study)


7- Validity and Reproducibility of Food Frequency Questionnaire for Assessment of Sodium/Salt Intake, Food Group Contribution in Sodium/Salt Intake, (Isfahan Salt Study) (ISS)


8- The Impact of Educational and Encouragement Interventions of Weight Reduction on Anthropometric and Biomarker Indicators in Overweight and Obese Population (TABASSOM Study)


9- ACS & Stroke Registry Study


10- Determining the prevalence of premature coronary heart disease and it’s risk factors according to different ethnicities and religions in Iran and developing a biobank for epigenetic studies


11. Importance of Conventional and Emerging Risk Factors for Stroke in Different Regions of the World and in Different Ethnic Groups:A Case-control Study (Interstroke)
12. Stop hypertension in Mobarakeh Steel Company (SHIMSCO)


13. Iranian project for assessment of coronary events 2 (IPACE2)
14. Acute Coronary Events -A multinational Survey of current managements Strategies (Access)
15. Standardization of the Mac New quality of life questionnaire in patients with heart disease in Isfahan (2004) ( MacNew)
16. Heart Health Promotion childhood project (Sustainability)
17. Framework Convention on the Tobacco Control (FCTC) 
18. The effect of pioglitazone on left ventricular mass & function, plasma levels of inflammatory, endothelial & thrombotic biomarkers & psychiatric indicators in patients with metabolic syndrome (EPICAMP)
19. Evaluation the relation between number and size of fat cell in patient with ischemic heart disease in comparison with control group (JAMI)
20. Osvix versus Plavix in Cardiovascular event after coronary stenting (OPCESS)
21. Zyban as an effective smoking cessation aid for patients following an acute coronary syndrome: The ZESCA Trial (ZESCA)
22. Study of relationship between Acute Life Events and Acute Coronary Events adjusted for psychosocial factors and major risk factors in Isfahan city medical university CCUs (ALEACE)
23. Quit and Win 2004
24. Comprehensive intervention strategies to improve the public and health care providersَ knowledge and practice of dyslipidemia management, prevention and control (LIPOKAP)
25. Monitoring of polypill study on primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular-disease in Iranian elderly in 2011-2012 (Polypill)
26. A study on the effectiveness of a comprehensive home based cardiac rehabilitation intervention on the health promotion of patient with coronary artery disease (Home Rehab)
27. Developing suitable model for self-care of cardiac patients
28. Cardiovascular risk assessment of the population and comparison of WHO/ISH risk assessment scores with Framingham risk assessment function and its clinical and public health implications. (CAP Study)
29. Designing a suitable model and advocacy package for salt consumption reduction at the population level and high risk groups
30. Development of Five Years Multi-sectorial National Action Plan for Salt Intake Reduction