Interventional Cardiology Research Center:
Director: Interventional Cardiology Research Center
Masoud Pourmoghadasm, M.D
Professor of Cardiology
Date of establishment:
12 May 2013
Dr.Alireza khosravi,MD
Interventional Cardiologist
Faculty member’s:
Full-time faculty
- Dr.Masoud Pourmoghadas
- Dr.Hasan Shemirani
- Dr.Farshad Roghani
Part-time faculty
- Dr.Kian Heshmat
- Dr.Ramin Heidari
- Dr.Marziyeh Tajmir Riyahi
- Maryam Eghbali
- Dr.Ahmad Bahonar
- Dr.Noushin Mohammadifard
- Mahnaz jozan
Coronary artery disease in the whole world and in our country is one of the most common heart disease and is the cause of death. Today, new diagnostic and therapeutic methods are more successful and less complicated for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are widely used in different hospitals everyday. In fact, catheterization and vascular angiography are the definitive diagnostic methods for determining the severity of coronary stenosis - the site of coronary stenosis - the number of tight coronary arteries and the calculation of left ventricular function - examination of the size of the cavities of the heart - the stenosis and failure of the heart valves - the examination of maternal lesions and .... Is . Usually in the catheter unit other therapeutic measures, such as vascular angioplasty or valvuloplasty, or opening of the heart valve by balloon, or closure of some congenital defects and the treatment of some arterial and venous diseases are also done.
The Vision of the Interventional cardiology:
In the next five years, we want to be consistent with the country's development vision document, with the efforts of researchers, with the support of researchers, in line with the University's macro perspective as one of the most active and most reliable research centers for heart attack in the country. The statistics and reports of this center are based on international and academic assemblies. To this end, using the available facilities, the quality and relevance of the research will be developed in such a way that it will ultimately lead to the promotion of cardiovascular health of all people in the community. And this center could be recognized as a pioneer in the field of the production and dissemination of modern science and technology in the field of medical sciences in the region, and promoted its interactions with the industry to lead to the innovation and commercialization of research, and the interactions between the center and the international development centers Find
The Center for the Investigation of Invasive Heart Diseases, as a research center, aims to promote research culture and fundamental and applied research and provide training and prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in areas related to coronary artery disease, angioplasty and stenting, and Arterial and venous diseases in order to maintain and promote the health of the leading community.
Through the use of advanced and efficient technology to the medical and medical community, researchers, community members and patients across the country and the Middle East, the center expands through knowledge and institutionalization of research culture to promote community health, promote general knowledge and Specializing in related fields, deploying and upgrading the management system, will provide services in accordance with Islamic values and medical ethics, social justice, respect for and respect for research and researcher, promotion of human development indicators.
The principle consensus of the Center for the Investigation of Cardiovascular Invasion was issued on May 22, 2013, and since that date it has been operating as one of the centers under the jurisdiction of the Isfahan Cardiovascular Institute.
Aim of the Center for the Investigation of Cardiovascular Invasion
1. Epidemiological, ecological, basic sciences, clinical and community research based on community needs and fundamental and applied research for quantitative and qualitative development of the Center's scientific production.
2. Creating a suitable platform for co-operation with the professors of other disciplines
3. Establishing facilities for the exchange of information and research results among qualified individuals
4. Participate in education at different levels of society and raise public awareness about risk factors through education and presentation of research results in journals.
5. Establishment, establishment and promotion of a management system in recording and tracking patients with research attitudes through the establishment of catheter unit in Isfahan Medical Sciences Hospitals
6. Provide clinical guidelines and guidelines for related issues
7. Achievement of advanced methods and advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, prevention in related fields.
8. Promoting academic credibility in related fields
9. Provide the appropriate context for admitting a PhD student
10. Evidence-Based Performance in the Field of Invasive Heart Attacks by supporting applied research
11. Development of research management of research projects on heart attack
12. Determination of research priorities and attention to the country's situation in the world in terms of indicators of heart attack
13. Promoting quantity and quality of acceptance in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
14. Promote internal and external partnerships for research on heart attack
15. Development of research projects on the quantity and quality of services provided to patients
16. Increasing the awareness of stakeholders and policy makers of the health system about heart attack
17. Implementing 30% of research projects with financial participation of companies, pharmaceutical industries and medical equipment manufacturers during the first five years of the program start.
1. Collecting and continuous recording of patients' information under angiography - Continuous and prospective angioplasty and stenting
2. Information on the outcomes and complications of cardiac catheterization in patients through their follow-up
3. Record the information about the outcomes and vascular catheterization complications in patients through their follow up.
4. The collection of information recorded in this bank with the aim of compiling articles and scientific reports for publication at international level.
5. Reporting the annual status of patients and the results of procedures at the national and international level, as well as comparing the outcomes of the procedure in this center with other centers inside and outside the country
Interventional Cardiology Research Center, Cardiovascular Research Institute,
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Isfahan, Iran.
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