Hypertension Research Center

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Alireza Khosravi, MD
Professor of Cardiology
Date of Establishment: 
11 January 2011

Research Deputy:

Asieh Mansouri, PhD
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Faculty member’s
Full-time faculty:
- Dr. Asieh Mansouri
Part-time faculty:
- Dr. Hosein Heidari
- Dr. Mojgan Gharipour
- Mahnaz Jozan
Hypertension Research Center began working in 1996 as a division of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, namely the hypertension unit. Following various research projects and activities performed, this unit was eventually able to obtain the agreement in principle, and be promoted to the Hypertension Research Center. This center has published several articles in domestic and international journals, and held the first international conference on hypertension in Iran in 2011. 
The major goals of Hypertension Research Center
1. To perform epidemiological, ecological, basic science, clinical and holistic research based on community needs, and fundamental and applied research for quantitative and qualitative development of science production of the center
2. To provide the right context for collaboration with professors of other disciplines
3. To facilitate exchange of information and research results among experts
4. To participate in education at various community levels, raise public awareness of risk factors through education, and publish research results in journals.
5. To establish, deploy, and promote a management system for registration and follow-up of patients' data with a research orientation via establishment of a clinic
6. To provide clinical/medical strategies and guidelines in relevant areas
7. To achieve modern techniques and advanced technologies in related diagnostic, therapeutic, and prevention areas
8. To improve academic credibility in related areas
9. To facilitate admission of Ph.D. students
10. To act in an evidence-based manner in the field of hypertension by providing support for applied research
11. To monitor the trend of changes in epidemiological indicators of hypertension in the community 
General Objectives
A. To develop management of research projects into hypertension
a. To determine research priorities in the field of hypertension, and address the country's global position in terms of cardiovascular indicators
b. To develop research into hypertension prevention
c. To conduct research in hypertension emergencies with the aim to improve performance of the medical team and process of services
d. To develop research projects on the quantity and quality of services provided for patients
e. To form at least three research teams in the first year, to be increased to seven teams by the end of a five-year plan
f. To allocate at least 10% of the research center's budget to fundamental research projects over the first two years of the plan, to be increased to 20% by the end of the fifth year
g. To allocate at least 90% of the research center's budget to applied and epidemiological projects over the first two years of the plan
h. To implement evaluation projects to assess the efficacy and efficiency of the center's research projects through the R&D department
i. To expand the physical space and hardware and software of the research center and laboratory 
j. To train and provide human resources needed by the research center in order to improve the research workforce capacity
B. To improve quantity and quality of acceptance in the field of hypertension
a. To increase the quantity and quality of articles published by the center in local and international journals from 10 to 50 articles per year by the end of the fifth year 
b. To increase the number of research projects in the quantity and quality of services provided for patients
c. To approve and perform at least five research projects per year, to be increased to 30 per year by the end of the fifth year
C. To promote intra-organizational and extra-organizational participation in hypertension research
a. To perform 30% of the center's research with academic and financial participation of other domestic and foreign research centers over the first three years of the plan
b. To perform 30% of the research projects funded by companies, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of medical equipment over the first five years of the plan
c. To raise knowledge of beneficiaries and policy-makers in the health system about hypertension
Important research projects already performed
1. Health personnel training project in Isfahan, Najafabad, and Arak
2. Assessment of serum Lp (a) level, fibrinogen, and anti-cardiolipin antibody in patients with recurring stenosis following PTCA
3. Healthy Life for Cardiovascular Patients Health personal Education
4. Assessment of cardiovascular incidence rate following administration of Osvix compared to Plavix after coronary artery stenting 
5. Acute Coronary Events a multinational Survey Of Current Management Strategies
6. Assessment of the effect of treating cardiovascular risk factors on the risk of cardiovascular incidence in patients with hypertension in Isfahan's Folad-Mobarakeh workers
7. Assessment of the amount of salt intake per day based on the amount of urinary sodium chloride excretion in 24 hours in people older than 18 years of age in Isfahan and Najafabad
8. Assessment of the amount of salt intake per day based on the amount of urinary sodium chloride excretion in 24 hours in adults and the amount of sodium chloride excretion in random samples taken from children and adolescents, and also from adults in the urban population of Isfahan
9. Preparation of strategies for the prevention, control, and treatment of hypertension, and naturalization of these strategies in Iran
10. Preparation of the summary of naturalized strategies for the prevention, control, and treatment of hypertension in Iran
11. Launching the first hypertension medical, research, and training center in Isfahan
12. Designing a sensitization model for community and high-risk groups to reducing salt intake in Isfahan
13. Investigating the trend of factors affecting prevalence, awareness, control, and treatment of hypertension among adults in Isfahan (over 15 years) and assessing the effect of the developed model of chronic care on the control and treatment of the disease and self-care
14. Investigating the effect of self-care programs and naturalized medical strategies on improving hypertension control in Iran
15. Epidemiological assessment of stroke incidence trend and fatality rate and related factors in Isfahan 2001-2013
16. Assessing the effect of an educational lifestyle modification program on the level of knowledge, attitude, and performance of patients with hypertension undergoing angioplasty attending Shahid Chamran Hospital in 2014
17. Updating hypertension prevention, control, and treatment strategies and naturalization of these strategies in Iran in 2014
18. Assessing the effect of peer support program on adherence to medical regimen and blood pressure changes in patients with hypertension attending the center
19. The effect and comparison of two self-monitoring  and telenursing methods on blood pressure in patients with hypertension attending the Hypertension Research Center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2015
20. The effect of the pursuing care model on lifestyle modification and changes in blood pressure in patients with hypertension attending Isfahan Hypertension Center in 2015
21. Assessing factors facilitating and inhibiting implementation of the national guide to prevention, evaluation, and treatment of hypertension in the medical team of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Future projects
- Conducting cohort studies in patients with hypertension
- Assessing medication and therapeutic effects of cardiovascular events in patients with hypertension
- Incidence of cardiovascular events and other complications in patients with hypertension
Published articles
Published books
1. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases (an educational collection for nurses and nursing assistants)
2. Hypertension educational booklet for patients with hypertension
Existing equipment
Reliable and calibrated arm and ABI blood pressure measuring devices, and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring Holter in this center, also patients' access to the center’s clinic services and clinical laboratory.
Available services
- Educational services: Admission of students majoring in hypertension for Ph.D. by research program from qualified GPs, nursing MSc, public health MSc ….
- Research services: 
   o Advice and counseling on theses of medical and paramedical students, and theses of cardiovascular residents on hypertension
   o Joint collaboration with other centers and institutions
Hypertension Research Center, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, 
Shahid Rahmani Alley, Moshtagh Sevom St.,
Isfahan, Iran
Postal Code:
+98 31 36115217
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