Food, Industry and Health Association
Food, Industry and Health Association, a nongovernmental association affiliated with Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, helps to attract public participation to modify the community nutritional status. One of the most effective methods to prevent and control non-communicable, especially cardiovascular, diseases is to modify nutritional status and use a healthy diet. Furthermore, with the industrialization of communities and production of industrial foods, people’s eating habits have been changed and directed toward the consumption of industrially processed foods. An important step can therefore be taken to improve the community nutritional status by modifying the food production process and producing healthy food. Food, Industry, Health Association initiated its activities to facilitate and enhance the production process of healthy food across the society to enable people to have easier access to the products and improve their nutritional status. This could be achieved in collaboration with faculty members of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Deputy of Food and Drug, the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, the Organization of Agriculture Jahad, Department of Commerce and owners of the food industry. 
The most important objectives of the Association are as follows:
- Culture building among producers of raw materials used in food industry factories
- Promoting the culture of healthy food preparation and production among food producers, including food industry or food businesses
- Providing the necessary infrastructure and conditions at the community level to promote healthy food production
- Performing promotional and advertising activities across the community to increase the community acceptance of healthier food
- Coordinating with the managers and directors of the related organizations to provide necessary facilities for healthy food production
- Providing scientific consultation with the owners of the food industry and food businesses to produce healthy food; providing new scientific formulations and scientific support of food production in factories and businesses 
- Providing the Food Supervision Office with new healthy food formulations so that they are finally presented to the food industry
- Providing the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research with new healthy food formulations and cooperating with the institute to present them to the food industry
- Holding scientific, social and educational conferences, workshops and seminars for food producers, officials and the public