Research Management Division 
Date of Establishment: 1993
Deputy for Research:
Masoumeh Sadeghi MD
Research Manager:
Hamid Reza Roohafza MD
Research Assembly 
Research assembly is the highest authority for research and development policy making in ICRC. 
President: ICRC Director 
Secretary: Research Manager of ICRC 
1. To identify and supervise the research policy in ICRC. Research policy may be revised according to needs assessment and conflicts that may be occurred in research environment. 
2. To supervise research activity in ICRC about their following the research policy. 
3. To plan strategy for research activity in ICRC for a period of time. Identify visions, objectives and plans to access them by regarding to resources weakness and potentiality in research environment. 
4. To judgment about research proposals and dissertations in ICRC. 
5. Inspection of any research activity in ICRC (e.g. Scientific meeting, scientific and research workshops, ) 
Research Management Office 
Director: ICRC Research Manager 
a. To conduct research plans according to research policy and strategic planning in ICRC under supervision of ICRC research assembly. 
b. To make relationships between researchers and research assembly. 
c. To make a data bank from research activities in ICRC and update it. 
d. To management research committees, library and ICRC journal (will be mentioned later). 
Scientific Advisory Committee
This committee has national and international members who are selected by ICRC director. 
To consult with research assembly about scientific matters in research and development activities (research proposal review, research strategic planning, research policy making and so on) . 
The subcommittees are: 
- Basic Research Subcommittee 
- Clinical Research Subcommittee 
- Health System Research Subcommittee
Research Training Committee
Members are selected by ICRC Director. 
a. Educational needs assessment in ICRC 
b. Planning and conducting research training courses in ICRC (Local, National, Regional and International) 
Research Methodology and Biostatistics Committee 
Members are selected by ICRC director. 
a. To consult with ICRC researchers in proposal writing. 
b. Needs assessment about research training gaps in ICRC and plan training opportunities for fill the gaps. 
c. Review of research proposals from research methodology and biostatistical aspects. 
d. To conduct research projects in ICRC from research methodology and biostatistical aspects. 
e. To make and support a universal data collection system and qualification system in data management. 
Research Ethics Committee
To supervise research activities in ICRC about all aspects in research ethics. 
Research ethics in the level of proposal writing (RCTs, Animal studies, patients assurance, ) 
Research ethics during study performance. 
Writing articles (Authorship)
This committee prepares documents about research ethics and sends it for research assembly for including in ICRC research policy.  
Medical Writing Committee
Members are selected by ICRC Director. 
Medical writing consultation to ICRC researchers. 
Needs assessment of researchers gaps about writing skills and conduct plan for fill them.
Evaluation Committee
To evaluate research activities in ICRC (research projects) 
To evaluate research department, units and divisions in ICRC. 
To evaluate ICRC members.
The results of evaluation in each fields are sent to its target (member, unit) and research assembly for revision of activities and develop them. 
- ICRC Journal (ARYA Journal) 
- Authorship Policy 
Library and Information Division
a. Runs information systems at ICRC. 
b. Supplies scientific resources, e.g. books and journals at ICRC.