Research Priorities

1.         Prevention and control of CVDs and it's related risk factors

2.         Institutionalizing and capacity building for interventions needed for prevention of non-communicable diseases specially CVD in primary health care system

3.         Development of risk charts for CVD with co morbidities based on the results of cohort studies

4.         Conducting studies on the modification of community lifestyle like nutritional behavior, especially reduction of salt and fat intake

5.         CVDs registries including acute coronary syndrome (ACS), stroke, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), congenital heart disease (CHD), heart failure (HF), arterial fibrillation (AF) registries .

6.         Monitoring and assessment of environmental risk factors associated with CVDs

7.         Conducting studies on optimization of cardiac rehabilitation services and its institutionalization and integration in the health care system

8.         Conducting studies on medical and herbal therapies relating to CVDs

9.         Conducting genetic and cellular/molecular studies relating to CVDs

10.       Psychological aspects of cardiologic care (Psycho-cardiology)

11.       Developing national guidelines of hypertension, dyslipidemia and acute coronary syndrome