Heart Failure Research Center

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Heart Failure Research Center,
Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute,
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,
Isfahan, Iran
Field of Activity: Clinical
Independent Budget: No
Date of Principled Agreement: May 13, 2013
Heart Failure Research Center, Cardiovascular Research Institute, IUMS, Isfahan, Iran, has been launched in early 2012, in line with the increasing number of patients with heart failure in Iran and worldwide. The main goal of this center is to design and conduct applied research to improve the quality of life and increase the life expectancy of patients with heart failure. The center was formally established on May 18, 2013 and duly approved by the Minister of Health and Medical Education through d / 1292/500 Ever since, the heart failure research center has carried out various activities to achieve the short-term and long-term goals.
In the next five years, we want to be one of the most active and credible centers for heart failure research in Iran, in line with the country's development vision document, so that the statistic reports of this research center be refereed not only at a national level but also internationally.
The Center wants to develop comprehensive community-based cardiovascular researches utilizing the existing facilities and infrastructures to improve the quality and quantity of relevant research in a way that ultimately leads to improve the quality of life and the health and performance of patients with heart failure and also leads to a decrease in the incidence of heart failure in cardiovascular patients.

Research Areas: 
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Heart failure
Research Facilities: 
• Robotics laboratory
• Persian Registry of Cardiovascular Diseases Program (PROVE) in Isfahan was recognized as a successful registration Model in the Islamic Republic of Iran at the first International Congress on Illnesses and Health Outcomes, which was held from May 26 to 28 in Mashhad, and received appreciation letter of the congress and statue.
• Human bio repository

Number of Faculties and Staffs: 
• Faculty members: 9
• Staffs: 2
• Graduate and post-graduate trainees: 1
• Fellowships: 0

General Purpose:
Development of researches related to heart failure in order to improve the services provided to these patients and improve the performance and prognosis of these patients.
Specific Goals:
1- Identification and registration of hospitalized patients with diagnosis of heart failure
2. Establish a comprehensive information system (heart failure registry) for patients and hospitals to manage heart failure properly
3. Establishing appropriate infrastructures for research on heart failure
4. Investigating and identifying the risk factors that leads to heart failure 
5- Presenting the project results to relevant organizations (stakeholders)
6. Development of a heart failure center and updating the information on a weekly basis
7. Providing an appropriate space for providing health care services to heart failure patients discharged from the hospital for follow up of these patients

Heart Failure Research Center, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, 
Shahid Rahmani Alley, Salmanefari Street
Isfahan, Iran
Postal Code: 8158388994
Tel: +98 31 36115213 & +98 31 36115214
Email: hfrc@mui.ac.ir