Heart Failure Research Center

Mohammad Garak Yaraghi, M.D
Associate Professor of Cardiology
Heart Failure Research Center, Cardiovascular Research Institute , IUMS, isfahan, Iran, has been launched in early 2012, in line with the increasing number of patients with heart failure in Iran, in line with other countries. The main goal of this center is to conduct applied research to improve the quality of life and increase the longevity of patients with heart failure. The center was formally established on May 18, 2013 by the Minister of Health and Medical Education d / 1292/500 duly approved. Since the establishment of the heart failure center, the heart failure research center has carried out various activities to achieve the goals.
General purpose:
Development of researches related to heart failure in order to improve the services provided to these patients and improve the performance and prognosis of these patients.
Specific Goals:
1- Identification and registration of hospitalized patients with diagnosis of heart failure
2. Establish a comprehensive information system for patients and hospitals to manage heart failure properly
3. Establishing an appropriate infrastructure for research on heart failure
4. Investigating and identifying the risk factors for heart disease that leads to heart failure in order to prevent heart failure in these patients.
5- Presentation of project results to relevant organizations
6. Establishing a heart failure center and updating the information on a weekly basis
7. Setting up a heart failure center and providing an appropriate space for providing health care services to heart failure patients discharged from the hospital for follow up of these patients
Heart Failure Research Center, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, 
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+98 31 36115310