Espadan Heart Health Research Foundation
In regard to high prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases in recent years in Iran, it is important to focus on prevention and control of these diseases. Today, in all of the world, prevention and control of Cardiovascular Diseases is in the top regard of health responsibles. In the field of prevention and control, we should involve all sections of community and could not relying to governmental support only.
Espadan HHR Foundation is established to gather support of Non-governmental parts of community for research in field of Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Control.
- Supporting the research plans on CVD prevention.
- Supporting the research plans on risk factors of CVDs.
- Supporting the research plans on lifestyle modification.
- Collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations for research activities.
- Collaboration with training activities to elevate the knowledge, attitude and practice of community.
- Relationship with cardiac patients and their families to participate in CVD prevention activities.
- Performing the main core to training the patients for prevention of CVD.